I am almost certain this is a bug within the series 60 API but I would like somebody to confirm.
We use a dialog to monitor the progress of a user logging into a server. The process is a two stage affair. The server returns from the first stage with a callback at which point we call

CAknNoteControl* note = (CAknNoteControl*)iWaitDlg->ControlOrNull(EConnectionWaitNote);
iWaitDlg->SetTextL(_L("Authenticating user"));

the first problem with this is that the progress dialog of type (CAknProgressDialog - iWaitDlg) when nears completion of stage one the the text becomes awfully distorted, then the call back, text is cleared and redrawn using the literal above, then when stage two becomes awfully distorted (when i mean distorted i basically mean it looks as if the other text has been drawn over the top of it). I don't really see any other work around this since it seems to be in the depths of the series 60 control hence there is nothing i can do about it other than dump the series 60 progress bar and deisgn my own (which i would rather not do)