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    7610 How To change time to answer before call diverts


    I have a Nokia 7610 which is a Symbian Series 60 phone.

    I would really like to know if it is possible to increase the amount of time (or number of rings) I have to answer a call before it diverts to my operators voice mail service. Is this config/hack available anywhere?

    Why? Because my operator charges me for calls diverted to voice mail, as well as charging to retrieve voice mail messages. So if I can give myself more time to answer the call I can save myself a few dollars.

    When my operator configured my phone I am sure they set this to be a short time. I have seen other 7610's that ring for much longer than mine before diverting.


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    menu > Tools > Settings > Call divert > Voice calls > etc.

    More details in the User's Guide for your phone.

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    I had managed to get that working but thanks for the post anyway.

    The strange thing was that this method of extending the time was being rejected each time I pressed OK. Not sure what I changed in the end but it is all good now. I was thinking I might have needed some kind of AT command to send to the phone.

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