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    Question Nokia Wallet questions not answered by the documentation


    I am interested in using the Wallet application to store usernames/passwords for off-phone use.

    I realize that I could do this using the "personal notes" function or maybe "user settings" cards, but I want to be able to import information into the wallet from an external source.

    From what I have read, I should be able to do this using the "OTA Card Downloading" feature, at least for "user settings" cards. I don't want to actually download this informaton from a web server. (I would rather write my own application that executes the wallet application such that it imports the XML.)

    I've also searched the discussion boards and found 3 or more people asking "is there a C++ API to the wallet?" with no replies. Being unable to find any documentation or message board replies on this, I am assuming that there is no API.

    (I have read the following documentation: OTA_Card_Downloading_In_Nokia_Wallet_v1_3_en.pdf
    Wallet_Release_2_0_en.pdf Browser_MIME_Types_In_Nokia_GSM_Devices_v1_4_en.pdf)

    So, my questions are:

    1) Is it possible to execute the wallet application from a C++ or Python application with arguments such that it will import an XML file as described in the OTA documentation?

    2) If not, is there a default extension-to-mime-type mapping such that I could use the python appuifw.Content_handler class to "open" an "OTA Download" xml import file with the wallet?

    3) Is there an import format for "personal notes" or is using the "user settings card" the best I can do here? (I need to keep the password visible, thus "online access" cards won't work.)

    4) Is there an existing "pc sync" application for syncing/editing the wallet information?

    4) What encryption algoirthm and key length is used to encrypt the wallet? If I can't get this answered I'll have to write my own application anyway.

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    Note : Wallet Application has been removed as of Series 60 2.8

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