Hi, everyone:
I am from Malaysia, i am trying to send a SMS in PDU model now. I already tried so many times and in different ways, but it always gets error: +CMS ERROR: 304.The hand phone number i want to send to is:
0166168645,the message i want send is "hellohello". Malaysia country code is 60, and the short message service centre is:0162999902.

method 1without SMSC number)
>0011000B910661168646F50000FF0AE8329BFD4697D9EC37<ctrl z>

method 2with SMSC number)
>07910661929909F211000B910661168646F50000000AE8329BFD4697D9EC37<ctrl z>

I already tried these two ways for many times, but i can't solve the problem,
could anyone help me? I will be very grateful for your help!

Best Regards

Zhou Bin