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    nokia 6225 Jar size


    I have seen on the nokia webiste
    that the max jar size for the nokia 6225 was 64 k, which i find surprising because it has 512 k of heap and a 128*128 screen.

    And I have installed a 83 k jar file on the phone. So I would like to know if it's an error on the page, or if there is a 64k limitation for the jar on specific conditions.

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Re: nokia 6225 Jar size

    The size limitation on a 6225 is normally 64k from a computer. I have a 92k file that i wish to load onto my 6225 but so far have been unsuccessful. Can you please tell me if you, by some chance, got your 83k jar file on by downloading it thru wap?

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