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    Question WriteBufferL function leaves with KErrInUse

    I am having a problem whereby calls to the WriteBufferL function of the CMdaAudioOutputStream class are leaving with KErrInUse.

    This is repeatedly happening in the following situation:

    - start streaming a couple of buffers (8K in size) using WriteBufferL
    - call Stop to stop streaming
    - start sending buffers again using WriteBufferL
    - almost immediately call Stop giving error codes -39 (KErrAbort)to MaoscBufferCopied and -3 (KErrCancel) to MaoscBufferComplete
    - start sending buffers again using WriteBufferL - and this call will then leave with -14 (KErrInUse)

    There seems to be something about calling the Stop function so soon after sending just 1 buffer of data using WriteBufferL

    Once I get this leave I have tried closing the CMdaAudioOutputStream and re-opening it but I still get the same leave the next time I call WriteBufferL.

    Has anyone experienced any problems like this when using the CMdaAudioOutputStream class? Or is anyone able to offer any suggestions?

    Many thanks


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    Wrong forum. This is the Java section, and you need Symbian advice.


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