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Thread: vibra in 6670

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    Angry vibra in 6670


    I tried to use vibra in my midlet using Nokia UI API and using MIDP2.0.
    Both tries wasn't succeeded

    Can someone tell me please is it possible to use vibra on 6670 from within midlets? Maybe I need new firmware version? Or please tell me in which newer model it is possible?

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    Welcome to my world.....I've been trying to get Nokia to fix the inability of Java/MIDP to invoke vibration in their series 60 models (Display.vibrate(int interval)). Their earlier devices vibrate via MIDP, but their late model ones do not(don't know about their series 80's, but their series 60's which the 6670 is are broken in this regard). Hopefully, they can answer my earlier question and yours by answering if the firmware update will fix this in their devices.

    FYI - Your midlet should more or less work on the Sony/Ericsson P910....a series 60 device (more or less) which has the MIDP vibration feature available. Why - because Sony/Ericsson has fixed it relazing this is a large enough of a bug warranting some action.

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