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    Question RMS operations and threads

    Recently read that placing RMS operations in their own threads was pretty much essential due to the huge difference in manufacturer implementations and therefore speeds for RMS access – and of course its essential your user isn’t left wondering if your program has crashed !

    However, my app saves about 120 bytes max on close ( and must retrieve this on opening ) over approx four record stores ( four only to logically ‘ partition ‘ for ease of reading etc. ) . This isn’t a lot and I’ve not noticed any real ‘delay’ on actual devices. Implementing the threading and synchronization necessary will obviously take time and there’s the obvious extra code overhead.

    So – my question really is has anyone already been here ? – is RMS ops in separate threads really necessary in ‘newer’ midp 2.0 phones ? Therefore will not a ‘ please wait ‘ screen suffice if the operation takes more than say a second ? and there’s another thing – there’s no point say opening the app data to say resume a game in a separate thread , because you cant start the game until the saved data has been read in ?

    Cheers Steve.

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    I have an app that reads from RMS without using a thread. On a nokia 6600 it is fine but on older phones there is a noticable delay.

    Most of the best practice I have seen suggests you should not do too much in the uithread but delegate to another thread.

    Suns smartticket application has a nice design for this.



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