I am trying to add the functionnality in my application to browase my pictures and video. i saw an example using MGFetch and CAknFileSelectionDialog but when i write in MyAppUI.h:

class CMyAppAppUi : public CAknAppUi,
// for CAknFileSelectionDialog
public MAknFileSelectionObserver,
// for MGFetch
public MMGFetchVerifier

compiling it returns errors pointing:

CEikAppUi* CMyAppDocument::CreateAppUiL()
--> return (static_cast<CEikAppUi*>(new(ELeave)CMyAppAppUi));


cannot instantiate abstract class due to following members

asking to see declaration of class CMyAppAppUi .

My app is using view architecture.

Do you have any idea of what should be the problem??

thx in advance.