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    JSP run on Activ Server? Is it possible??

    I have built my web application using JSP technology.
    I plan to migrate it to Nokia Activ Server. But NAS
    seems to only accept servlet rather then jsp. Is it right?
    I am really reluctant to rewrite all jsp files to servlet
    because that's not an easy way. How do I run JSP on NAS?
    Is it possible to plug-in jsp engine into NAS? Does anyone
    have solutions or similar experience?

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    RE: JSP run on Activ Server? Is it possible??

    There is nothing such as "plugging" but the easiest you can try is to have a apache server on top. That way it will send the http request to your apapche server. That is how the NAWG & NAMP Gateways also operate.
    It will be something like a redirect but I there is no plug in facility for sure.

    Hope this helps you.

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