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    Changing the default fonts for 7650

    Hi all,

    I've post this question for long time but still no reply. If there is anyone with this knowledge, pls give me some hints. My question is:

    Is there any way to change the default font (the font used in the built-in SMS program, and other built-in programs) to my own font which is in .gdr format already? Is there any Global Object/function I can use to "point" the default font to my own font? (CCoeEnv::Static() seems not working...)

    I also tried to modify the UID of my font to the UID of the system font (0x10005979) and put it in C:\system\fonts, but the emulator even cannot start up.

    Is there any workable method?

    Thank you!!



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    RE: Changing the default fonts for 7650

    Unfortunately the system font is hardcoded and cannot be changed. However you can create your own font for your application.

    Eero Tunkelo
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