very basic question!

I have created an implicit list:
List myList = new List("Main",List.IMPLICIT)

now I want my Right SoftButton to be the command "Done" and my Left Soft Button to be the Command "See it"
so I do:

Command cmSee = new Command("See it",Command.SCREEN,1)
Command cmDone = new Command("Done",Command.EXIT,1)

I put some stuff in the list with

I setup the CommandListener.

Now as I run it on my Nokia 6585, The Implist List shows up fine....the Right softButton is correctly labelled "Done", but for some reason, the Left SOftButton becomes "Options" which when pressed contains 2 Commands, my orginal command "See it", and "Select".

Does anybody know how to get rid of the "Select" command, or change its name....its seems that the Nokia device automatically adds it!

thx for the help