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    Audio stream in AMR format for Nokia 6630

    I am trying to implement audio streaming for Nokia 6630 which uses Symbian 8.0. I could record and play successfully in PCM format. But now I need to change the format to AMR. I am using the following API to change the format to AMR:


    The buffer size is 14 bytes. I am using 100 buffers.

    After using this API i could record the data but could not play it.
    One more point I observed after using this API. When I try to get the number of bytes recorded and played using the API GetBytes(), the number of bytes recorded in a buffer is 14 bytes and it is trying to play 80 bytes from a buffer. I don't understand why this difference in the number of bytes appear. Can anyone help me in this? It is very urgent.


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    Re: Audio stream in AMR format for Nokia 6630

    Hi Kavitha

    make buffer size to 32, and try it now. i m also using streaming for 6681 in amr and it is working fine. I think by default it records amr in 12.2 K format, and return 32 bytes.


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