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    theme Editor Text Colours (help!)


    i am currently using nokia's series 60 theme editor. i notice that i can change most text colours but some, such as the colour of texts in the popup menu, texts in Settings, and texts in Phonebook cant be changed. The default color of these text are black... and as the theme i am creating uses a black-coloured background, i cant see the text.

    any ideas how to change these text colours?

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    Default Text color using Theme Editor.

    I have the same problem.
    My theme has a lot of black / dark areas that hides the black text, if I could set the text to YELOW it would solve my problem.
    How can this be done ?
    Either with
    -Theme Editor or
    -Setting on the phone
    - A C++ program that I could write that would execute at bootup.


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