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Thread: Reg: SIP Plugin

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    Reg: SIP Plugin


    I am trying to use the SIP Stack provided by nokia website for series 60.
    I am trying to use the same Core SIP stack .I am not using the chipFlip game that comes with stack.

    Instead i have a small appln through which i am calling the Stack API's .

    I have created an object of CSIPENGINE *obj.
    Created object of MSIPEngineObserver *aObserver.

    Then i am making call as follows.


    But initialisation is not happening..

    Am i missing anything fundamental here??

    he thread 0xDC8 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
    Thread ID 0x260 is Wserv
    NewThread EPOC[00000000]0001::Wserv
    Can't load ELOCL.00

    Loaded 'C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\release\wins\udeb\ELOCL.LOC', no matching symbolic information found.
    Loaded 'C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\release\wins\udeb\ELOCL.LOC', no matching symbolic information found.
    AddLibrary ELOCL[1000659a]
    Can't load EKDATA.00

    oaded 'C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\release\wins\udeb\SIPSERVER.DLL', no matching symbolic information found.
    The thread 0x47C has exited with code 0 (0x0).
    Can't load SipServer.DLL

    Error== -1

    Please givesuggestions on this.

    Thanks in advance
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    "-1" usually means "file not found"

    btw, are you trying to use SIP stack written by Nokia for Series 60 on UIQ platform???

    Where you able run the examples provided with it? warships and chip flip?

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    Thanks Sopta for u r reply

    Actually i am using all the stack related .cpp files(Communication channel) from chipflip game and related .h files.Copied sip related DLL files

    I am trying to call stack API's from UIQ button based application.Say if i click one button application should send initialise request to stack,other button it should send Invite request....

    I am not trying to run the game but i am trying to develop wrapper routines for UIQ using SIP stack.Like i am interested only in Calling SIP stack API's directly by a small application and wants to check whether invite is happened or not by Ethereal packet observer........

    1)In the process i have inherited a Csipengine class
    Allocated memory

    2)Created MSIPEngineobserver instance(aObserver) and passed this as a parameter to CSIP::Newl

    3) I have called class->SIPinitailiseL() function.
    And i am expecting stack to be initialised .
    But when invoke this by pressing button it is giving error = -1
    (Means Object not found)
    I am not getting what this object means?Whether it is SIP related object or UIQ related?

    Am i missing anything fundamental
    Any pointers??

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