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    Question h.264 decoder in J2me (MPEG4 AVC)

    I need to know if it is possible to write a decoder in J2ME to view files compressed with H.264/MPEG4 compression for MIDP2.0 phones. The basecode is available open source written in C++ but considering the common max JAR size of 64Kb on most phones and the complexity of the algorithm, is this even possible to get it to work as a MIDlet ? I know a lot of the Nokias i.e. 6260,6600,6630 series 60 phones can handle MPEG4 files but I guess the decoder may be implemented in hardware rather than software.

    Any thoughts on the project ? Is it even possible ?

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    For phones that support mp4, it is probably already supported in j2me via standard mmapi/midp2. You can query the available formats using the Manager class.

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