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Thread: C++ v. Java

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    Unhappy C++ v. Java


    What are the main advantages / disadvantages of delvelopment in C++ or Java? I know that C++ files will be biger, but how much faster will it be than Java? Are there other issues?

    Cheers, Dejan

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    Performance differences may or may not matter depending on what the application does.

    In general, Java is somewhat easier to learn and master than C++.

    On phones that allow also C++ application development, you generally have access to much more (OS features & functionality) than what you have from within the Java environment.

    That's pretty much it.

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    There are also some other issues.

    You need to be already a good C++ programmer to code for Symbian platform. Because it uses a few nonstandard idioms that might take a while to get used to.

    If you have a good grasp of C++ then you might have found those idioms in some other places before.

    Java of course is easier to learn and you can make your game/application available in more phones than just the ones with Symbian support.

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