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    How to store the state of a program for the next running


    my question is: how can I store different information for my program. For example, for a program showing information related to a city, let's say I have London and New York. If I set New York, I want that after I exit the application and run it again, I want to know that the last displayed city was New York.
    How can I do that?
    I see two options (please correct me if I'm wrong):
    1) I can use RecordStore
    2) I can store the data into a file that's packed inside the jar. But can I change the contents of this file? And how can I access it, read from it and write into it?

    Are there any other possibilities?
    Thanks ).

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    The RMS is the only thing that will work on all devices. Very few files have random access to files.


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