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    Question read list of outgoing messages and calls


    I want to create my own list of outgoing calls and messages. I already know, that the calls and messages are stored in the file logbu.dat. How can I access that list witch is stored by the System automatically?

    Thanks a lot.

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    You will need to read all about the log engine api, which you will find


    This operates in a client/server architecture and will need to read up on active objects, as calls to the log are asynchronous. You'll see you need a class derived from CActive

    class CMyActiveOb: public CActive
    CLogClient* iLogClient;
    RFs iFs;
    CLogFilter* iLogFilter;

    Then in your cpp

    void CMyActiveOb::ConstructL()
    // Connect to the Log Server
    iLogClient = CLogClient::NewL(iFs);

    //if you want to put a filter on that
    iLogFilter = CLogFilter::NewL();

    //for a call
    I think its KLogShortMessageEventTypeUid for sms's

    Im not too sure how you filter both types at once, I presume you use CLogFilterList, but would be interested what people say about how to do that

    I think thats mainly how you set up a connection but there are a lot of posts on here if you just search under CLogClient , or log engine or something,

    *You can specify direction (incoming/outgoing with R_LOG_DIR_IN and R_LOG_DIR_OUT respectively (include <logwrap.rsg>) see http://www.cs.tut.fi/~mobo/Symbianv6...ventClass.html

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