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    SIPCLIENT.dll - Thread exits


    I'm using the Nokia SIP Plugin2.0.

    Our App receives a SIP INVITE and responds with a 200 OK and subsequently receives an ACK. Next our app sends a REINVITE to our SIP app server and a 100 Trying response is received. At this point the app crashes with a thread exiting in SIPCLIENT!.

    Is this possible to debug?

    The log file under wins\c only contains the following repeatedly:

    #Logging started on 14/02/2005. Output version 2
    #There is a problem with the comsdbg.ini file
    #Time = 14:49:18
    #Time = 14:49:19
    #Time = 14:49:20
    #Time = 14:49:21
    #Time = 14:49:22


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    Well, it looks like you are trying to push the SIP stack to some state that is not expected so it panics... I never used this as I haven't really needed it, but are you sure that you are using re-INVITE properly? Have you checked it with RFC?

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