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    I'm trying to build my project using codetest and i got many linking errors. Until now i've used the standardr symbian build system.
    Now i want to try the codewarrior ide with code test, but i cannot make them work. Whan i "patch" the codewarrior installation with the dlls following the instructions from the CodeTest user guide, it stops to work, complaining about missing files.
    I've notices that the latest codetests talks about codewarrior 2.5, and maybe it doesn't work with current version 3.0.
    What can i do?
    Do you know where could i find codewarrior 2.5?

    Thanks in advance for any hint.


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    What version of CW are you using and what are the specific errors. Also, what version of CodeTest do you have installed?

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