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    Personal Profile x Java MIDP

    Hi guys,

    I'm considering some interworking between Java applications and native C++ on Symbian phones. I have several questions (some even with answers) but I'd like to hear confirmation or answers to the rest.

    1. It is NOT possible to run external C++ application from Java MIDP
    2. It is possible to run external C++ application from Java Personal Profile using JNI (Java Native Interface)
    3. The only Nokia phones that supports Personal Profile are Series80 v2.0 (N9500, 9300)

    4. What about Series60 phones? Does any of them supports Personal Profile?
    5. What about other Symbian devices? I know about SonyEricsson P900/910 and Motorola A925 that are supposed to support PJava
    6. I know virtually nothing about Personal Java. Is there somewhere a list of stuff that is possible to do on Symbian phones with Personal Profile? I mean like access to DBMS, BT (without JSR180), sockets, engines (agenda, contacts), etc..

    thanks for any relevant comments

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    1. Right, NOT possible (you could perhaps make a native server-type app and use it trough sockets though...).

    2. Right, PP supports JNI.

    3. Right.

    4. None that I know, only MIDP.

    5. At least SonyEricssons do.

    6. PJava is a subset of JDK1.1.x (1.1.6 if I recall right), there might be something still on java.sun.com (discontinued stuff) - Personal Profile is a J2ME profile and specs are found on Sun web pages. N9500/300 have an IBM J9VM implementation and the optional APIs may not be present, so download the S80 PP SDK and check the docs.

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