I am starting to develop a WAP application, that will connect to an enterprise application running on a J2EE server. I am in a process to decide, which tools I'll need for this project, for which I need help. My application should work with all WAP protocols being used today(notably WAP1 and WAP2). Also my application should work properly on older WAP phones and new WAP phones(from all vendors).. So it should support WML1, WML2 and XHTML-MP(Mobile Profile).

I was reading some articles on WAP, and they mention using Nokia's WAP ToolKit (on Sun site) (http://developers.sun.com/techtopics...les/wap/intro/). But the link to Nokia' s WAP toolkit http://www.nokia.com/wap is not working.

In some other articles also, Nokia's WAP ToolKit is mentioned; but the link to product page is not working.. I think the older product is discontinued by Nokia. I find some new products like "Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1".

I have read that to develop/test a WAP application, we need -
1) a WAP browser
2) a WAP gateway(we can use a WAP gateway emulator for development)

I want to use Nokia tools for this project. Can somebody please tell me the Nokia products I should use. It'll be nice if my application would run on WAP phones from multiple vendors.

If somebody can share their experiances of a WAP project, I'll be grateful for that!