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    Lightbulb Nokia WAP SDK and WAP gateway

    I am starting to develop a WAP application, that will connect to an enterprise application running on a J2EE server. I am in a process to decide, which tools I'll need for this project, for which I need help. My application should work with all WAP protocols being used today(notably WAP1 and WAP2). Also my application should work properly on older WAP phones and new WAP phones(from all vendors).. So it should support WML1, WML2 and XHTML-MP(Mobile Profile).

    I was reading some articles on WAP, and they mention using Nokia's WAP ToolKit (on Sun site) (http://developers.sun.com/techtopics...les/wap/intro/). But the link to Nokia' s WAP toolkit http://www.nokia.com/wap is not working.

    In some other articles also, Nokia's WAP ToolKit is mentioned; but the link to product page is not working.. I think the older product is discontinued by Nokia. I find some new products like "Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1".

    I have read that to develop/test a WAP application, we need -
    1) a WAP browser
    2) a WAP gateway(we can use a WAP gateway emulator for development)

    I want to use Nokia tools for this project. Can somebody please tell me the Nokia products I should use. It'll be nice if my application would run on WAP phones from multiple vendors.

    If somebody can share their experiances of a WAP project, I'll be grateful for that!


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    I'm testing WAP access to Sun Java Enterprise System Portal server using Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK (http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-46,00.html) in combination with Nokia WAP gateway simulator 4.0 (http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,65...3-&fileID=4116) which works quite well. Of course, it's just "content authoring" toolkit, so I can't view the source of WML page just displayed.
    I also tried Nokia mobile browser simulator (http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-13,00.html) but I wasn't quite that satisfied with that one. It had some strange problems with cookies and redirected pages, which was maybe a problem caused by misconfiguration of my access manager and client detection, anyway, I chose the easy way and use only the first mentioned tool now

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    Re: Nokia WAP SDK and WAP gateway

    I see that you indicated that you did not have any problems working with Nokia WAP gateway.

    Once I installed Nokia WAP gateway, all of my WAP request are being aborted by the WAP gateway with the following reason:
    'Requests from remote clients <ip address> not allowed on gateway simulator'

    Now the clients address is on a different PC (different subnet) than the WAP gateway.

    The procedures to install WAP gateway only indicates JRE 1.4.1 is required. I suspect the gateway software may attempt to authenticate the clients' ip address; thus the log that was generated in the gateway console window. If this is the case, then I assume in one of the configuration files, the option to accept all requests can be toggled on so that it accepts any ip address (client)???

    As you already know, Nokia provides this tool kit but does not provide any assistance in debugging issues. So I have to resort to someone that has successfully installed the application.

    Is there anything special that you had to do to make the gateway to accept requests from the network (wap clients on different PCs)? According to the guide, gateway listens to ports on 9200 and 9201 on the internal loop back interface of

    Are you only running your wap clients on the same PC as the gateway?

    Do you know if SDK needs to be on the PC with gateway or is JRE sufficient?

    Greatly appreciate your assistance.....

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    Exclamation Re: Nokia WAP SDK and WAP gateway

    Hello everybody,

    I too have the same problem with accessing the application from remote clients
    so has any one found solution to that
    if so please tell me also
    Thanks and Regards.

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    Re: Nokia WAP SDK and WAP gateway

    You have the same problem as someone had 4 years ago?

    Perhaps your problem isn't the same one, but something else. Could you start by explaining:

    - What exactly are you trying to do/accomplish and how?
    - What happens when you try?

    And as your problem most likely isn't the same one as the one in this thread, perhaps you could post a new thread with your problem?

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