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Thread: Nokia OS

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    Nokia OS

    Hi every body,
    I have a general question,
    I found that Nokia 6230 has Nokia Os and support MIDP2.0 .
    It is catgorized inn Seris 40 V2,too.
    So there is Series40 SDK for programming J2ME for it,

    But I am seearching for some ways to have capabilities on NOKIA OS, use NOKIA APIS,
    Is it possible, I don't want to be restricted in J2ME limitations,

    I want to have some functionalities for my 6230 cellphone like handling my calls, Sending DTMF via my applications,

    In general I want to know, how I can have system programming for NOKIA OS phones?
    by Which tools?
    Is it possible????


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    It's a closed platform so unless you have some really good friends at Nokia you will have to resign yourself to what J2ME has to offer.


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