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    Symbian NokiaCPP Sound Exemple

    I'm working on the Sound exemple of Symbian 6.0 NokiaCPP Nokia Exemples, and I'd like to play a sound file not by initialising an CMdaAudioPlayerUtility with the name of the file, but by a sound buffer that I had created before. My idea was to call the constructor: NewDesPlayerReadOnlyL(*(pDesClipLocation->iDes), *this), where pDesClipLocation is a pointer on a TMdaDesClipLocation, initilalized with my buffer...here is the code source:

    //in the Playeradapter.h
    TPtr8 aData;
    TMdaDesClipLocation* pDesClipLocation;

    //in the Playeradapter.cpp

    TUint length(32000);
    TUint8 *audioData = new TUint8[length];

    CPlayerAdapter::CPlayerAdapter(CSoundAppUi& aAppUi):iState(ENotReady),iAppUi(aAppUi), aData(audioData,length)

    void CPlayerAdapter::ConstructL(const TDesC& aFileName)

    // Create an audio player utility instance for playing sample data from a file
    // causes MMdaAudioPlayerCallback::MapcInitComplete to be called
    //iMdaAudioPlayerUtility = CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::NewFilePlayerL(aFileName, *this);

    InitData(); //Initialise un tableau de sinusoide
    iMdaAudioPlayerUtility = CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::NewDesPlayerReadOnlyL(*(pDesClipLocation->iDes), *this);

    void CPlayerAdapter::InitData(/*const TDesC& aFileName*/){

    const double PI = 3.141529;
    TRequestStatus status;
    TReal sinResult;
    TInt error;
    TReal x, a, b, c;

    for(TUint i=0; i<length; i++){

    a = 2*PI;
    b = a*i;
    x = (TReal) ((b*1000)/16000);
    error = Math::Sin(sinResult, x);
    if(error == KErrNone){
    audioData[i] = (TUint8)(127*sinResult);

    pDesClipLocation = new TMdaDesClipLocation(aData);


    You guessed that it doesn't work...so is there any one to help me...?



    PS: if there is french people who can help me i can re-explain the problem in french...

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    RE: Symbian NokiaCPP Sound Exemple


    In this case, you should use the audio streaming API. Please read SDK's Help about audio stream API reference and you can download audio stream example application for reference from the link below:


    FN Developer Support

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