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    playing AMR stored in descriptors: is it possible?

    hi everybody,
    i'm working at a code snippet to do the following:

    1)record a PCM stream in a descriptor (done and working)
    2) compress the PCM to AMR (done but unchecked)
    3) play the stream from the buffer in which i've stored the AMR

    i'd like to know if point 3 is possible without reconvert in PCM, the API and any parameter needed

    actually i don't know if it's not working because i'm missing something in compression or in playback code

    Thanks for reading

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    about point 3 you have 2 possibilities:

    1) As you said the first possibility is decompressing AMR back into PCM and streaming it

    2) You could also use CMdaAudioRecorderUtility or CMdaAudioPlayerUtility to play the amr. But you had to complete the amr file before. If you receive amr via RTP/RTCP in realtime it should be converted back into PCM16 and streamed using CMdaAudioOutputStream class. But theoretically - I never test something like this, it is strange attepmt from my point of view - you could play received buffers by CMdaAudioRecorderUtility or CMdaAudioPlayerUtility , but there is probably too big delay when opening descriptor. Notice also that there are some problems with OpenDesL() method - for details search Developer_Platform_2_0_Known_Issues_v1_16_en.pdf or newer version.

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