Hello everybody,

I have a very simple program that tries to test the
CMMFCodec::ProcessL() of the amr to pcm codec many of us use here.

On a Nokia 6600 when I pass a source buffer with size of
11200 bytes, and a destination buffer with enough space for the encoding everything works fine.

But when I pass a destination buffer of 450 bytes, which is just a bit less then the conversation size needed, the processL function stucks completely!!, my next line is never called there is no panic or leave, it just freezes.

In the documentation it says that it should just return with an incomplete error, and inform me how much was used, but this never happens to me, the function doesn't return!

I am using CMMFDescriptorBuffer as the buffers.
Does anyone have any idea what can be wrong ?
Do I need to do something special? or is this a problem with the 6600?
I hope for any help from you guys, I saw that some guys here already tried to mess with this api like stenlik, so if you can help me It will be great.

Thanks in advance!!