Hi every body,

I want to know if someone success recording in amr file with Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6600 and what I have to do to reach my goal?

The code given here allow you to play an amr file with the sound example given in the sdk , the problem that I can not record in amr format with it as written in newlc.

const TUid KMMFExControllerUID = {0x101F5022};
const TUid KMMFExDesFormatUID = {0x101FAF66};
const TUint32 KMMFFourCCCodeAMR = {0x524d4120};

_LIT(KRecorderFile, "C:\\System\\Apps\\Sound\\record.amr");

void CRecorderAdapter::ConstructL()
iMdaAudioRecorderUtility = CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::NewL(*this);

// Open an existing sample file for playback or recording,
// causes MMdaObjectStateChangeObserver::MoscoStateChangeEvent to be called

Please help me;

Thanks to all.