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    Use of etelmm.h legal?

    I want to use the full etelmm.h in my application (not the cut-down version). Since I am an independant developer, I do not have access to the 'premium' SDK content. Everything I am using I have found through either Nokia, Symbian, or Motorola websites (publicly available).

    My question is: Am I going to get screwed by Nokia or Symbian if I develop software using the full header file? Obviously the library that etelmm.h refers to is on my Series 60 phone (6620, in this case). I am merely calling items within that library (specifically RMobileCall.OpenExistingCall).

    Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there something buried deep down in the user agreements for the SDK's that says that I cannot call a specific routine within a public library? Will my application pass Symbian Signed certification if I use one of the 'forbidden' header files?

    I would really like to hear from Nokia or Symbian on this one, or at least find out who to talk to about it.
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    u can download etelmm.h from symbian itself so it will not be a legal issue (i think so...)
    follow this link

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    The only issue with using these APIs is that they are not supported and may very well be permanently removed in newer releases of Series60. In this case, if you have spent a great deal of time developing around these APIs, you will have to repeat this effort in order to support devices with the newer release of S60.

    Are you certain that there is no other way to achieve your requirement other than to use APIs in 'etelmm.h'?

    see RCall::OpenExistingCall() for example (etel.h)

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