I am trying to use the realview developer suite to compile my software. For that I need to use Codewarrior 3.0. and the linker V2 (on target settings for armi). The compiler is ARM/Thumb C/C++ Compiler, RVCT2.1 [Build 350] Evaluation (armcc)

Did somebody succeed? Is this compiler only intended to be used with Symbian OS 8.0b? What about 8.0a or 7.0s?

When compiling my application I get all kind of errors coming from symbian headers. I will submit some:

"C:\Symbian\Series60_CW\EPOC32\INCLUDE\e32std.h", line 1134: Error: #144: a value of type "const wchar_t *" cannot be used to initialize an entity of type "TLitC<1>::__TText"

"C:\Symbian\Series60_CW\EPOC32\INCLUDE\e32base.inl", line 160: Error: #20: identifier "Reset" is undefined
"C:\Symbian\Series60_CW\EPOC32\INCLUDE\e32base.inl", line 170: Error: #20: identifier "SetReserveFlatL" is undefined
"C:\Symbian\Series60_CW\EPOC32\INCLUDE\f32file.h", line 326: Error: #20: identifier "RDir" is undefined
void GetDirL(const TDesC& aMatchName,TUint anEntryAttMask,TUint anEntrySortKey,CDir*& anEntryList,CDir*& aDirList,RDir& aDir) const;