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    JPG & MIDP2.0 & Sprite

    I have midlet in MIDP1.0 that uses my analog of Sprite MIDP2.0 (by own drawRegion by setClip...) and it's work with JPG images correctly.
    When I create MIDP2.0 aplication, my sprites stay invisible.
    I replace my Sprite class by default MIDP2.0 Sprite class, and sprites invisible too.
    All it i test on Series 60 emulator. On real MIDP2.0 devices it's will be to?
    What devices NOT support JPG?
    Nokia +
    Motorola ?
    Samsung ?

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    As far as i know JPG it pretty new format for mobile devices. If you wish to have solution wich fits all, use PNG format instead.

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