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    FEP troubles on phone (6260)

    I have a problem with a FEP (in this case FepExample and FepSetup from Nokia) on my Nokia 6260, on the emulator everything works fine.

    When I install the prebuild sis files from the FepExample and FepSetup, everything works fine.
    But when I build the sis file of FepExample myself and install it on my phone, I get the error "App. closed FepSetup" when I activate the FEP using FepSetup. The error occures when I exit the application or actually when I exit any application. Even when I restart my phone I get "App. closed Startup". Also when I unistall FepExample using FepSetup it resets the phone..

    So, the error only occures with a FEP I build myself, not with a prebuild FEP and also not with other applications I build myself.

    I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, so can anyone help me with this?


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    yep, search this forum and maybe NewLc as well for the answers. The problem is well discussed, and is about the def file that has wrong order of functions defined in it.


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