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    Some questions regarding CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to create a very simple audio recording application (record from microphone). However, I have encountered bugs which bothers me a lot, as I do not know how to solve them due to me being a newbie in terms of Symbian programming. Any help is really appreciated.

    1) While recording is in progress, if I call iRecorder->Stop(), is it a guarantee that the observer's MoscoStateChangeEvent method will definitely be called? According to my book, it will be called with event type of ERecording and error type of KErrNone. If the recording stops due to reaching file size limit (assuming I'm recording to a file), the observer's MoscoStateChangeEvent will also be called, but this time round with event type of ERecording and error type of KErrEof. However, the strange thing now is that when I attempt to stop the player, yes it does stop, but the observer is not notified.

    2) Also, I tried to limit the file size by using iRecorder->SetMaxWriteLength(6). This should limit the recorder to 6 kb of recording right? However, once again, the observer is not notified, and when I went into the file manager that I've installed, the audio file generated is way more than the limit.

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    I think when ever I have used recorder and called stop, it has always called the callback function, with Open as a current state and recording as a previous state. maybe you should check it one more time.


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    Re: Some questions regarding CMdaAudioRecorderUtility

    From the "S60_Platform_Audio_Streaming_Example_v2_0_en":

    // Some 2nd Edition, FP2 devices (such as Nokia 6630) require the stream to be
    // reconstructed each time before calling Open() - otherwise the callback
    // never gets called.

    Try and see the src of that example...

    Best Regards,

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