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    Urgent answer pls Firmware & MIDLet 2.0 question ASAP?

    - Java Technology (J2ME):
    - CLDC 1.0/1.1
    - MIDP 2.0 (JSR-118)
    - Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120)
    - Bluetooth API (JSR-82)

    - Minimum MIDLet-size: 250k
    - In MIDLet 2.0: platformRequest() is giving support to invoke phone service (make a voice call)
    - Sign MIDLet application: sending SMS messages without prompting the user and also allow to connect Bluetooth with trusted MIDlet.
    - Extract the cell ID (Mobile number)

    I have just one question about Java platforms Nokia mobile device I want to know any Nokia device support to run MIDlet application with all above functions. Is it possible?

    Can anybody tell me it is possible or if not possible why and any workaround to solve the problems?

    I want to test next week, please answer all the questions ASAP.

    Thanks in advance

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    Any luck

    please help me

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    The answer is no to getting the cell ID (which is not the same as "mobile number") as you seem to imply. Or was that two separate questions (extract cell id, extract phone number)?

    For the latter the answer is also no, because the phone's phone number is not stored anywhere on the phone. The caller's (or SMS message sender's) numbers is put on the call or message on the network side (not on the phone). Some operators might put it on the SIM card, but most don't, because it seldom serves no useful purpose there.

    Others should be OK, except that I don't know if you can initiate voice calls from MIDP Java or not and whether the minimum MIDlet size is 250K (why would that be the minimum?)

    Things may vary from phone model to another.
    Check the Java SDK documentation from http://forum.nokia.com/java

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