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    Nokia People!!! (3gp support for emulator)


    This is a message for the Nokia people.
    Since you have 3gp codec/controller plugins for the Symbain MMF on all of your phone, I can only assume you have the code already written.
    I can't understand why you don't compile it for the Emulator running on windows. I know I'm not the only one who encountered problems in developing apps with video playing/recording capabilities. Having to do all debuging on the phone is a major slowdown of developing time.

    This issue isn't only for .3gp file specifically, but any codecs you already have written the code for anyway. You can supply the appropriate DLL for the emulator and make our life easier. This, ultimately, will give the end user (your customers) a better experience using Symbian products and Nokia phones. Since I assume it's all about making this platform the dominator of the market, it's better for you as well to help us cut developing time.

    While we are at that, is there any chace of getting some serious documentation for the MMF. It's quite impossible to develope anything using low-level APIs.

    Thanx a lot, and hope to hear from you,
    Yaron Tadmor

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    I must agree with you. Non-stop copying and installing 100 times per day to the phone is worthless and fatigue. Especially when example delivered with SDK is full of bugs!

    This is something I couldnt understand. It reminds me the M$ manner little bit.


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    Hello Nokia people, are you there?

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    nokia player

    no Nokia people here only some third party outsourced to Bangalore.

    it really is pathetic developer support on Nokia's part
    I have never got any decent support from this forum,
    you might be better off using newlc.com

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