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    sms receive problem in Sagem 5-2

    I am running an sms chat application which is working fine in nokia phone but while running it on the Sagem 5-2 phone which supports midp2, the sms is not received in the midlet neither in inbox.

    When generally sending the sms from a midlet with running the receiver in the sagem phone the sms is received and goes to inbox.

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    hi....seeking help

    Myself kamesh chauhan, from INDia.
    Actually I have good knowledge of j2me programming.
    I want to implement and test SMS/MMS application.
    I have downloaded sdk's/ toolskits from nokia site.
    these are..
    1. Nokia mobile server service emulator 1.5
    2. Nokia wap gateway emulator S40
    3. Nokia prototype j2me sdk v2.0
    4. Nokia connectivity framework

    1. nowSMS gatway software...
    2. Registered to Clickatell gateway service

    Now please explain me how to use all these SDK's / tools
    to implement SMS / MMS application....

    its very urgent for me....
    Please help......

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