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    Symbian software and OMA DRM


    I am familiar with OMA DRM in general, have read all the documents on Nokia Forum regarding OMA DRM, have played around with the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit, have read all header files mentioning DRM in the Series 60 SDK FP2.

    I am investigating whether it is possible to write an application in Series60 (based on 8.0a) that would consume OMA DRM - protected data.

    There is one piece missing that I would like to get clarified. I am sure quite a few of fellow developers would benefit knowing this as well:

    As a Symbian application developer, what sort of access and relationship can my software have to the DRM subsystem?

    I am asking because I understand fully that I cannot directly access the raw data being protected under DRM (say, a OMA DRM 1.0 -encoded 3gp file). So what exactly is the level of control an application can have over such data?

    I presume, and my initial trials indicate, that a 3rd party application can launch a DRM-protected file as a document that will be handled by the DRM framework, obtaining rights in necessary, and then used, for example in the Media Player. Is it, however, possible for an applicable to control the usage (playback of an DRM-protected audio file) at the same level of detail as the Multimmedia Framework allows?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Did you get any answers yet?

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    I did not get any answers, but I investigated the matter further and concluded that the MediaFramework will allow you to have high level control over the consumption of the data (e.g. play, pause, etc).

    However, if you need to access e.g. ID3 tags or header details, you are out of luck - there appears to be no way to access the raw (decrypted) data from an OMA package.

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    Thumbs up Re: Symbian software and OMA DRM

    hi Pawel,

    I am also working on DRM consuming.
    My project is a multimedia decoding and rendering.
    I m planning to use CAF.
    But i am stuck in implementation of agent side .

    I am essentially interested in knowing the reading of DRM content.

    I hope is some DRM scheme to be implemented.

    also i feel there is some public/private key used to decode the DRM content.

    I have many grey areas in this concept right now.

    So kindly share your knowledge/experience with me.


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