Hello everybody,

I am developing application which uses RMS. During application execution I create several ResourseStores (about 20). At certain point I have to delete few of them.

I’ve tested my application with WTK emulator and everything is fine, but I have problem with Nokia_S40_DP20_SDK_1_0 emulator. It creates RecordStores but it does not delete them.

It seems like emulator itself has a IO hard drive access buffer and sometimes it takes a while to make real changes… Then I exiting from my MIDLet “deleted” RecordStores still be available (I mean files on hard drive).

Does anybody have such a problem? Does any body know how application will behave on real device?

Another question about RMS. For example, I have a RecordStore with few records. I am deleting few last records. Does it reduce size of RecordStore? Does it realize memory for other records? I am asking this question because, when I tested my application deleteRecord procedure didn’t reduce size of RMS file.

Looking forward to hearing you suggestions!