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    Connect to GPRS, please help

    hiii all
    here what i want to do..
    i want to connect from symbian mobile (series 60) to a computer using GPRS and download a file.. i want to know some things
    1- how can this done in a symbian C++ application, what is the classes or the APIs used
    2- for the computer (i am using a normal PC) what hardware do i need to make it connect using GPRS
    please help, this is my graduation project
    thanks in advance

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    Connect to GRPS

    DO you want to use the Nokia as a GPRS modem to dial to the internet?

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    a) etsblishing connection is done by RConnect class or RNif and RGenrcicAgent on v6.1.
    b) then use Socket API (Berkley sockets) class to build HTTP stack, which is not available on v6.1
    c) there is no need to connect computer via GPRS, the communocation is transparent and doesnt depent on the link layer (could be PPP remote access via modem, ethernet... )
    d) there is of course available hardware ( I saw at PCMCIA cards ) which connect your to Internet computer via GPRS..


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