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Thread: a little help

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    a little help

    I have an idea, I'm not sure if it is a patentable technology or just a good marketing strategy. I want to get Nokia to listen to it and sign a non-disclosure. Does anyone know who I can talk to???

    please email me at njcialdini@comcast.net

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    I'm not trying to discourage you, but it is difficult to say who you should try to contact, if all you have is just your idea to go with, but without any understanding of what it is about.

    So, where to start would is very much depent on what, exactly, your idea is about in the first place (Nokia is a big company with many departments doing different things).

    Also, selling just ideas or concepts seldom pays off.

    If you really believe in your idea, I'd say you'd be better off making it more concrete by first creating a credible business plan around it.

    If there is patentable things in the idea, I'm sure there are non-profit and for-profit organizations in your country that can help with that in practice (ask, for instance, your country's patent office, for starters).

    Then (or at least as soon as you have a business plan), you can start looking for how to fund its realization. Talk to various venture capitalists/investors about that. Nokia's venturing organization was called Nokia Venture Partners, but is now known as BlueRun Ventures: http://www.brv.com

    Once the plan and funding is in place, create a product or a company. You can sell/license a patent or a product easier than just an idea. You can also sell a whole company, if it fills the needs of another company.

    It is also extremely difficult to protect a pure idea/concept without patents, products or a company/corproration, or at least a practical, demonstrable implementation.

    Any implementation can, of course, also be easily copied and used by someone else, if it isn't protected by means of copyright, patents or an actual implementation as a product or through a company. And even if it is, it still can be copied (witness the multitude of companies in any given field, or the various copying cloning or piracy that takes place in the world).

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