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    Question How to read a VertexArray

    Hi !

    I'm developping an API on top of the
    jsr184 3D API, and I'v got a problem
    getting information out of a Mesh
    loaded from a m3g file.

    I'm able to get a hold on
    the VertexBuffer from the mesh,
    but I need to read the positions
    of the vertexes for
    collission detection.

    Si I do this :

    VertexArray va=vb.getPositions(null);

    Where vb is the VertexBuffer.

    The VertexArray now holds
    the vertexes, but there seems
    to be no way to read the information
    from it... ?

    How can I get the
    information out of
    the VertaxArray ?

    Thanks for your time.

    /Ludvig Larsson @ Mediaplazza Games

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    Re: How to read a VertexArray

    u have no method in verttex array to read the coordinates.
    instead use the transform object which is holding your mesh and do this.

    create a float of 16 elements
    float temp[]=new float[16]
    and then

    u will get the coordinates in this temp array.

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    Thank you, but this will
    only give me the matrix
    associated, not the vertexes...

    Anyone knows how to
    get the positions of the
    vertexes in a mesh m3g
    loaded in a jsr184
    environement ?

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