When I was developing my application for Series60 SDK2.1
I have encountered an exception. To remove this I have debugged my application many times for memory leak. I spent a whole day for this.
Then i saw Symbian e32 base code.
There was a bug in the CBufFlat class implementation.
I had to change my code to remove the exception.

My initial code was like this:

char *str1 = {"MANJUL"};
TUint8 *txt1 = (TUint8 *)str1;

char *str2 = {"BIZORA"};
TUint8 *txt2 = (TUint8 *)str2;

TBuf8<9> buf1(txt1);
TBuf8<9> buf2(txt2);

CBufFlat *flatBuf = CBufFlat::NewL(4);
flatBuf->Read(0,buf2); // At this line you will get exception

If you try to run this code in your application in Series60 SDK, it will throw an exception.