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    Question c++ and J2ME-RecordStores


    I asked this question some time ago, but didn't recieve a satisfiying answer...
    I need to get the imei-number of a nokia phone. So on symbian diveces I can get this number via c++. So its not helping me if I'm not able to read this number out of my J2ME-application.
    So my question is can I create an empty recordstore via J2Me then let my c++ application run, getting the imei-number and writing this into the recordstore.
    Then I run my j2me application and open the recordstore and read the number out.
    I know how to read & write recordstores withhin a j2me-midlet. but is it possible to access and write into the recordstore via c++?
    Thanks in advance!

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    J2ME runs on sandboxed architecture and C++ can not access J2ME's data space.

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