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Thread: Memory leaks

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    Unhappy Memory leaks

    Hello every body,
    I have a lot of memory leaks when I run my application with the LowMem (Symbian sign tool). I want to know how to reduce them. Did some on succeed doing that?
    Did you know some tool to check memory leak?
    I have already overloaded new and delete but I don’t succeed removing the memory that leak.

    Did you have any idea of how I can resolve my problem?

    Thank you very much.

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    have you tried on utilizing the cleanup stack ?


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    Memory leak

    With Heap memory leaks, you could start from __UHEAP_MARK, __UHEAP_MARKEND etc.. macros. Also using the THeapWalk is useful for detecting heap memory leaks.
    More information about those issues you can find from SDK or from this forum.

    regs, Rampe

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