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    Nokia, do you listen to your customers? Problems of your new phones

    |||||||||| The built quality of their phone is worse or even poor in some models. Look at 6230 and 6260.

    6230 has poor design of back cover which will loose so much after a period of time. You can see how the material is forced to be damaged by the back cover when you remove it.

    The situation gets even worse in 6260. The quality of first batch of 6260 is really really BAD!!! The logo of application key (menu key) is reversed - any QC? The volume of the speaker is obviously much lower than second batch and onwards. How come such a large phone manufacturer can be satisfied with such quality phones? How come such poor quality phones can be past by QC? Even in the latest batch, the built quality is still terrible. Really terrible. The back cover is so insecure and so easy-to-break. The keypad under the screen is poorly installed (all 6260 has this problem) which will move by itself... The keypad under the screen is also poorly designed, they are so difficult to press.

    |||||||||| Bugs. Bugs can be easily found in most Nokia new handsets. And most bugs are very obvious. For example in 6170, when viewing a picture in Gallery it shows "Please insert SIM"... In 6260 the default Bluetooth name is shown to be "Nokia 6260" however it is "Nokia 7610" in fact. Traditional Chinese version of 6630 has a bug making the call time of active call and phone number duplicated. And 6630 is very very easy to be hung. 6230... even in the latest software version it seems that it still has so many bugs and problems. v3.15: some time after downloading Operator Logo the phone will have lots of problem. v4.xx: some phones cannot activate the Bluetooth; some phones' vibrators are out of order (many people faced these problems). v5.24: all songs in ALL folders including ringing tones are automatically played in Music Player which is extremely stupid while users are unable to create playlist in 6230... It is really stupid and creating playlist in PC Suite is so not user-friend and difficult! 6630... v3.45.110 hangs all the time. It always shows "Memory full". Music player (RealPlayer) cannot continue to play MP3 again itself after making a call. Users are not able to delete the folder of default "QuickOffice". Call logs do not work after having a setting reset (not master reset). Many more.. do you want it? I have a list.

    |||||||||| User interface. Look at your competitors Nokia. See how they create gimmicks, see how they combine style and technology together with simple to use interface. I love Series 60 however I just found that most users of S60 do not really know how to use the phone. Don't expect your customers will read the user manual. 99.999% of customers just buy a phone and then throw away the box at their home. They don't know holding application key will show what's running in the background; the don't know pressing End key doesn't really close the application; the even don't know press the centre button can open the application directly - as I saw 75% of users will press left softkey and select open when they open an application or select something. Why not Nokia just make a lable called "Open" or "Select" for the centre softkey just like in 3-softkey S40 devices? Also in S40, it is not user-friendly and easy-to-use anymore in my opinion. Somewhere are quite non-sense and difficult to use. For example, to save a downloaded ringtone, after going to a folder that want to save in, users found that it does not has a option to save.. Oh! they need to save outside the folder by pressing "Options"... difficult! Also, applying a theme.. selecting a theme -> "Open" -> woo! why there're so many things that I don't understand?? -> "Open" -> "what's going on? how can I save??" oh, they don't know they have to press "Options" and then "Apply".

    Also, how come the words on standby screen cannot be bolded? How can I see the Operator name and Profile name if my wallpaper is so dim??? Also, how come the caller ID picture is SO SMALL especially in S60 devices (if I don't install a third-party application which eats LOT of my battery power)?

    These are just some very simple examples. Please Nokia try to make your phones really easy-to-use and user-friendly.

    |||||||||| Product itself... 128x128 pixels squared screen... it is not really designed to be good for a mulitmedia phone. Even the 208x208 pixels in rumour is not that good. Squared display is so uncomfortable to look at. And also, besides high resolution, people like a comfortable and large screen. A 128x160 screen is even better than a 208x208 in my opinion for a mulitmedia but still basic phone (not S60). Also, small sized phone can also has apperantly large screen. Look at your competitors' small sized phones. Resolution is important but the size and shape are also important.

    Mono MP3 is really stupid. You can promote a mobile phone that it has a MP3 player but how come they only has mono output??? Customers are shocked with such quality of MP3 playback by 7610 and 6260!

    In some products they are really good looking however with horrible usability... 7280 and 7600, do you Nokia CEO or even employee will really use these phones to dial, send SMS, which are just a basic functions of a mobile phone??? Besides the usability of 7280 and 7600, see how many complaints you have received about the stability of these phones. I can guess there're some reasons to make you decide to produce and lanuch these models, but just hope you can know that it is really non-sense, and really try the phones in your office by more people to ensure the quality of the phones before releaseing them in the market.

    Sorry I have so many thing want to say. There're much more in my mind but maybe next time. I'm absolutely NOT a anti-Nokia users but I just hope Nokia can learn from faults and learn from others (um.. not a bad thing actually! Your competitors are learning from you also and copying your concepts), and improve! What you need now is to improve. Marketing of Nokia was so great, you knew what customers need. Yet, why in the generation of camera phones, your lost so much in market share? Think about the situation and improve your product, your user interface, your marketing and your R&D, and more importantly listen to your customers.

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    nokia listning???

    i second this post with all my heart...

    i second all the complaints made and they are very valid and genuine.

    Guess 6230i sorts out these issue... again i am just guessing and hoping ....

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    Unhappy Re: Nokia, do you listen to your customers? Problems of your new phones


    i totally agree with the first comment!

    i have a 6630, and all of the suddenly went in offline mode, and now it doesnt recognize any sim card..........how can i fix this??

    i am going crazy here, because no one know how to fix it.

    i have tried all the possible codes to get the phone back into factory mode, but nothing helped!!!

    please i need help ASAP!!!!

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    Re: Nokia, do you listen to your customers? Problems of your new phones

    docancop, I think you need to contact a local Nokia Service Center for this.

    best regards

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