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    Red face Please help me find those documents


    I am searching the following documents

    -How to Write a Mobile Java Program and Run it in a Nokia Phone
    • Nokia Developer’s Suite for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition: User’s Guide and
    Installation Guide
    • Settings for OTA Download of MIDlets
    • Characteristics of Nokia Java-Enabled Phones
    • A Brief Introduction to MIDP Programming

    I found from the user guide of 3510sdkMidpsdkguide.pdf that these documents were at at http://www.forum.nokia.com/ but I cannot find them.

    Can sb please help me to find those documents.


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    Here is a simple example of how to code a midlet:

    About the Nokia Developer's Suite, just download it and inside the archive you also have the Installation Guide.
    I must warn you that from the download page, you have to request the serial number for this package. Under the Download Now button, just hit the "Request serial number for this product >>" link and it will send the serial number into you mailbox (you have to be a Nokia forum registered user and also logged in).

    About what version of MIDP and CLDC some phone models support, you can find out here:

    For more details about how to write a simple midlet, just do a search on google and you will find loooots of examples.

    Hope this helps ).

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