My current firmware version is 3.30 Israel. So what's the latest version? I see there is 3.60 but for Israel is 4.30 ?
As the problem about the language is when I am using English display, on sms, the dictonary doen't show hebrew, only English, Russian & Deutsch. Israel language pack doen't need Deutsch.
If it's hebrew display will show hebrew text.
I use sms in eng & heb due deafness as communication with messages to other deaf friends .
So they need to remove deutsch language & show hebrew T9 dictonary on english layout display.

I communicate in english & my wife communicate in hebrew, that's why using 2 different languages of sending sms
from english display. I have been using 3310 for last 4 yrs using both languages, on T9 dictonary says English, Hebrew & Arabic.
So i have bought a new 3220, due flashing visual signal & mms, why is the volume seems low, as not high enough, than other models?
Who should i contact by email for these problem?