Hello everyone,

I installed Symbian SDK 2.1v and build and run
socket example application.
At the first time that I try to connect, a friendly messagebox
appeared and ask from me to init the emulator internet access via 'Ethernet'.
Since my PC is connected to LAN I do the following init in 'Ethernet' setting window:
1) Uncheck "Network adapter in promiscuous mode" checkbox.
2) Type a second available IP address in the "IP Address" field (which is different from my IP).
3) Set the other fields to be the same as "ipconfig" values.
4) And set internet adapter.

After I did that all I tried to connect and I got the error code 'KErrHardwareNotAvailable' ( -44 ).
I tried to "play" with it some more but I got no where

If someone can help me with that issue I will be very very greatful!!!