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Thread: ActiveX support

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    ActiveX support


    I'm looking for a Terminal Server Client, and I haven't found it.

    So I tried a terminal server Web Client.

    But this web, is using an OCX, activeX component, so I can't download this with my Nokia 9500.

    Can anybody help me please?
    Is possible load an OCX with a 9500?

    Thank You.

    Tarragona - Spain

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    No, an OCX is a Windows binary/executable for Intel x86 processors. It will not run on Symbian OS on ARM based processors.

    There is no Windows Terminal Services client for Symbian.

    The closest you can get is VNC or SSH/PuTTY.

    You could try bugging, e.g., Citrix to make a Symbian client (I doubt that Microsoft ever will).

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